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Castle Rock
A Most Exclusive Picnic Spot!

Located about half a mile from the shore, and nestled neatly in the sweep of the bay formed by the pebble beach at the Knap and Porthkerry, lies Castle Rock. Few people in Barry are aware that it exists, and fewer still have set foot upon it.

Click to enlarge - and "Back" to returnThere are tales of a tunnel linking Barry Castle to the rock, where it was allegedly used for smuggling purposes, but without proof, these remain just tales...

Evidence of Castle Rock can sometimes be seen at very low tide, when the sea breaks above the rock. This is visible from the Knap Car Terrace, and appears to be offshore of the cliffs at Fontygary - normally at about 2pm.

To visit Castle Rock you will need the following:

  • A boat - not necessarily a big one, but certainly a sound one, properly equipped!

  • A big spring tide (50' and above) combined with a calm sea.
  • A good pair of bootees plus other personal protection.
  • A team of like-minded people.
  • A picnic!

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The rock very rarely dries out this much - normally you are ankle deep in water, and only see the rock as waves pass over it!


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The cliffs at Fontygary are at least 500m away, and the surrounding water is deep enough for cruisers to navigate around the rock. You are outside the airport glide path.

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As well as starfish and barnacles, there is at least one souvenir from a time long gone.

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And of course, somewhere dry to eat the sandwiches is vital!

Please do not try this yourself unless you know what you are doing.

The people in these photographs were properly supervised, trained and equipped, and proper safety precautions were taken during this expedition.

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