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OK, it may not be your fault! This site used to be updated frequently from a database, which was pretty stable, and causes few problems. It has since been moved to Microsoft's Active Server Pages technology, which requires some effort to get right! This change sometimes introduces a few glitches which are removed as soon as possible. If I miss any, please feel free to let me know!

Problem Classifications

There are also a few concepts that are giving me grief - such as what is a shop? Mostly it's obvious (it's got a counter you can bang on!), but a few businesses like motor garages, dentists, and some financial businesses are unclear - so I've mainly put these under the "Business" category.

EVERYTHING (well, all businesses!) appears under the "All Areas" heading.

Also, the geographical layout is not always foolproof - for example, Broad Street (placed in the High Street trading area) includes a few shops near the civic offices!

The Maps

Some businesses have map link buttons. These are provided by a third party (www.multimap.com), and the marker symbol (a red circle) is placed at the centre of the postcode that the business possibly shares with its neighbours. As a result, some of these markers maybe slightly out of position, although probably by less than 50m. (Allegedly!)

The Gaps

Being a great believer in letting people make up their own minds, acceptance of the free entries in this site is entirely up to the business owners concerned - and some of them don't believe in the Internet, or that anything can be free. Hence some of the gaps. We also have the "I'll have to check with the owner/ head office..." companies, and those that I just plain missed (or missed so far!).

If you want to add your business, or can persuade others to add theirs, please contact me via the feedback pages, or via e-mail to admin@barrywales.co.uk.


We do not collect any personally identifiable information unless you type it in specifically, such as in certain sections of the feedback area. Unless you specify otherwise, any information supplied by you on the feedback pages is assumed for publication. We will normally keep a record of your correspondence submitted via the feedback forms, and this will be held off-line. We will not pass any personal details that you provide on to anyone else unless you specifically request that we do.

Your IP address, plus the time and date, and the destination e-mail address will be logged if you send an e-Card or e-Mail from this site. This information will only be released to the appropriate authorities if these services are seriously abused.

Your IP address will be logged (and displayed) when you leave messages on the board. This is normal practice (for a variety of reasons!), but may mean that people can (or think they can!*) identify you. This is more of a problem if you have a permanent internet connection via a Cable Modem or ADSL where your IP address may remain static for long periods.

The basic rule should be to avoid posting an inflammatory reply (a "flame") right now, and instead wait until tomorrow. If you still want to post, go ahead, but on your own head be it!


* Identification of users via their IP address is not 100% accurate to us mere mortals. Your ISP theoretically can go through their access logs and tie an IP address with a specific date and time to your phone line. The rest of us can merely note that certain addresses are similar or even identical. This is often because (to use NTL as an example) the address captured by the board is the address of an NTL Proxy Server a short way up the phone line.


Downloaded Content

This site should not place any persistent cookies, although the Active Server Pages technology will attempt to place temporary (or session) cookies for certain purposes! The password protected sections of this site require you to accept session cookies. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser.

Linked content is very likely to crap persistent cookies all over your machine - "for your benefit and convenience!" If this doesn't worry you, look at the privacy policy (and the use that they will put the data to!) that Geocities imposes on its users.

In addition, many sites have very intrusive systems where "popups" are forced on you - and every time you close one down, two more open up. VERY Annoying!

Many sites will attempt to download "Active-X" components onto your computers. If your security settings are low enough, this can happen without your knowledge or permission! Accepting Active-X controls is VERY DANGEROUS. These are programs that install and run on your computer with full privilege - they can do anything that you can, including trashing your hard disk (possible, but unlikely). "Comet Cursors" (which will be pushed on you by one linked site) is a "Spyware" program which is capable of monitoring the websites you visit, and then "reporting back" to the senders (see http://grc.com/optout.htm for more details on this one, plus plenty of other interesting stuff, and their excellent "Shields Up" check of "how much of your arse is hanging out" of your computer).


Please note that sites hosted elsewhere (but links from this site) are not under our control and we have no association with these sites. The content of these sites can change at any time, and we can accept no responsibility for their content, including use of cookies, popups or active content.


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