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Images of Barry

Dates shown for images may be approximate, particularly for the older images.
Images are displayed by title then date order.

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Images of Barry

Porthkerry Road under snow

Quick and dirty 2010 photos. The year started with snow, and ended with snow. So there's a lot of snow! And Swans. The Windy Woods, the new Thompson Street footbridge, Cosmeston Country Park, Romilly Park ponds, Llantwit Major beach, Porthkerry Woods and Park, Cold Knap, the Scout Fete, and the Art4U Friendship Tree Concert.

Images of Barry

The Old Harbour at Dusk

A quick and dirty upload of the 2009 pictures - uncaptioned and unsearchable at the moment, but treat it as a challenge - see how many locations you can identify! There are Nell's Point views, the Thompson Street Footbridge building site, the Holton Road Tesco Express, an injured swan on Barry Dock, the Knap and lake, including the swan evacuation, the Pride in Barry Blue Plaque ceremony, and erection of the Christmas Tree on King Square.

Images of Barry

End of an era - the Theatre Royal closes it's doors for the last time.

Not a good year for photography! Quite a bit on the Knap lake clearance fiasco, plus a few local landmark changes. Must do better in 2009!

Images of Barry

The New Library - Statue of Boy with a book.

The new public library and the 'Public Realm' works in Holton Road - designed to transform the look of Holton Road to match the new Kinq Square. Also more photos of the Knap Pool disaster, cosmeston in bloom, and the Memorial Hall after refurbishment of the Hall of Remembrance.

Images of Barry

The New Kinq Square

Lots of photos showing the evolution of the Town Hall, King Square and Central Park, plus other views around Barry.

Images of Barry

The Steam Engine Graveyard

Various photos from various sources - a few postcards, and nostalgic images sent in by Barrians. Anyone recognise anyone?

Images of Barry

Redevelopement in Holton Road

Winter storms, redevelopment around the town, a spectacular set of photos from the top of All Saint's Church tower, events like the Annual Scout and Guide Fete, Amelia Trust Fun Day, Demolition of the Tank Farm on the docks and Butlins on the Island, and the changing face of Barry.

Images of Barry

The Knap Beach

Assorted photographs, including the redevelopment of the Knap Pool, the French Farmers Market, Waterfront Events, and general views of how Barry is changing.

Tom Clemett's Images of Old Barry

The Chain Locker, Dock View Road, c.1910

A selection of historical photographs from Tom Clemett's extensive collection.

Enjoy Them!

Images of Barry

St Barruc's Chapel, Barry Island

A selection of photographs dealing mainly with historical aspects of Barry, used for illustration in the forthcoming history pages. I'm not even an amateur historian, so if anyone disagrees with my captions, I'd be pleased to correct them!

Also, if anyone has any old photographs that they are prepared to allow me to use, I'd be delighted!

Images of Barry


The Missing Year! Well mislaid, these photos taken in 2002 have finally made it here! They include a variety of images taken around the town, some of the Tall Ship visit, Thomas the Tank Engine, and some plans relating to the changes planned at the Waterfront.

Images of Barry

The Waterfront

Photographs including changes at the Waterfront development and Nell's Point, lots of summery beach type images, Bonfire Night fireworks and feeding the swans on Boxing day.

Images of Barry

Whitmore Bay

As Spring arrives, so do the people, and the "touristy" parts of Barry become more popular - especially Barry Island.

Images of Barry

Dock Offices

These photographs taken during December 1999 show Barry as it prepares to enter the new millennium. The selection includes some of the major landmarks about the town, plus a selection of views of the surrounding coastline and countryside.



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