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Built in the late 1990's (historical research is not my strong point) the monument was somewhat controversial. As I recall, a competition was held and four designs were put forward by the council for public consultation. The council then apparently ignored the results of this consultation and chose the design that they favoured!

The location was similarly controversial - many people wanted the monument to go on one of the three headlands within the town - right next to the sea. Instead it was located outside the council offices in Holton Road.



Monument Inscription

"In commemoration of Merchant Seamen
from Barry and the Vale of Glamorgan
who lost their lives during two World Wars
1914-1918 and 1939-1945"

Pacific Ocean
Mediterranean Sea
Indian Ocean
Western Ocean

"It is a SERIOUS relation that in which a man stands to HIS SHIP

A SHIP is a creature which we have brought into the WORLD as it were on purpose to keep us up to the MARK

In her handling a SHIP will not put up with a mere pretender"

Joseph Conrad

The links below are to photographs of the names on the memorial.


1914 - 1918
 Adams to Magulianos
Manions to York

1939 - 1945
Abdullah to Lopez
Lorenson to Young

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