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Some alterations have been known to cause "undocumented design features" - also known as bugs!

Please feel free to report any that you find - I'm not promising to fix them, but it's nice to have the feedback! And perhaps it'll stir my stumps!


OK, so it's been over two years since I've updated this page! Terrible!

But I have updated bits of the site - honest! There are 2006 photos, and some 2007 ones (but I admit to a huge backlog here!)

And now, with local government elections pending, another long term document reaches the website - the Politics link!


Last of the 2005 photos added (at long last!) - and I have the cheek to have a go at the council about the progress of their projects! (But then, they get paid to do their job!).

Also added a set of placemarks for Google Earth users. What a great toy!

Various database updates for Barrians and Businesses etc. HAVE been done in the preceding months!

Minor updates to other pages.


Last of the 2004 photos added, 2005 started.


Website moved to new host - various changes required as a result, but it should be OK now. If you find any problems, please e-mail me and let me know!

Added a "What's On" section where you can add your own events to the calendar - be they regular meetings (youth groups, amateur dramatics, clubs and societies), or one-off (special events) that you wish to publicise.

Also made a few additions to the Barrians pages and business listings.


Christmas in Barry updated and re-published.


FINALLY updated the photos section with 2004 images - mainly concerned with the Knap Pool redevelopment.


Added a new Tom Clemett Article - Barry Builders and Developers.


Added some new businesses and clubs, plus a big backlog of Barrians!


Internal alterations - you shouldn't notice any changes (though maybe a few bug fixes!)


Updates to Barrians around the world.
Added links to Links and Heritage pages.
Added "Shipwrecks" to Tom Clemett's History Pages.


A set of Tom Clemett's pictures of Old Barry added to the images pages. Enjoy!


Christmas page added (somewhat late, admittedly) but, as they say... Bah! Humbug!
Also a lot more photos added to the 2003 selection.


Tom Clemett's History Pages "completed". The text. Now I'm hoping to persuade him to lend me some of his photo albums.


Tom Clemett's History Pages started. If you've read his articles in the Gem, now you can read them here too!


Message board reopened.
Extra images added to 2003 set.
Knap Redevelopment page created.

September 2003

I'm planning on re-opening the message board in late September (when the kids are back in school).


NEW FEATURE - most images can now be sent as an e-mail. You need to know their e-mail address, and it's up to you to get it right, but...


Upload better quality images for most existing images.
Add 2002 images (mislaid for quite a while).
Put in random selection of images on home page (daylight before 6pm server time, and then night time until about 6am).


Install database driven version of the Shopping, Business and Clubs pages, allowing searching of the database.
Put back .htm versions of .asp pages so that deep links should redirect.
Re-submit site to various search engines.


Add a few extra "Barrians Abroad".
Update Chamber pages with new document.
Add a couple of new polls.


Add Porthkerry Park information page.
Add image search links to beaches, heritage pages.


Add images taken in May 2003 to illustrate forthcoming History Pages (there are some general interest ones there too!). Modify image display system from HTML to ASP data driven.


Add in polls section. Two polls so far - ideas for more welcomed!
ISP finally sets server correctly (again!). Counter now counts and so do the votes in polling section.


Major change to the way buttons are put on a page. Hope I got it right!


Database driven image searching (on images page). Still needs work!
This updates page added.


New redirection home page put in, as anyone who had saved the old home page as a favourite would get an error message from the server, rather than the new page. Oops! Thanks to Paul Haley for drawing this to my attention!


Page counter screwed again! Call logged with my ISP! Adjusted the code to stop the error message, but it still dun't count!


Barrians list brought up to date.
Page added for Barrians still here.
Alterations to Barrians Map Pages - they should now all work!
A few other businesses and clubs added.
Aerial Photos link added to Maps page.
Minor cosmetic changes to some button names.
A few new links added to Things to Do pages.
Re-register the home page site search system.
New tide calculator link (they stopped the old one from using the tidal constants in the program!). The new link is not as flexible as the old one, but then, it is a government agency!


Site converted from .html to .asp
Web mail forms converted to ASP
Index page hit counter converted to ASP

March 2003

Original site unavailable for a while.
Web site hosting server changed - some difficulties encountered!
Site now available again but with apparently reduced reliability!

February 2003

Message board taken down due to a combination of the high quality of the posts, plus someone generously clearing the board of messages! One day it may return, although probably with registered users only posting!


Not a lot of changes really!
Hidden Secret Scenic Railway page added to the "Things To Do">"Visit Barry Island" page!


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