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Putting Your Business on the Web

This website has been created to with the aim of benefitting Barry, its people and its businesses, by providing:

  • A comprehensive source of information regarding the town and its surrounding area, and

  • A means of allowing very small businesses to establish a comfortable web presence at their own level, at small business prices!

We can provide a variety of Internet options, from simple advertisements to complex web sites allowing you to sell on-line 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While some of the more complex options will require you to do regular Internet maintenance (possibly on a computer at home), for some of the other options you don't even need to have a computer!


Options available to businesses include :

A Free "directory" entry

Basic information about a business - name, address, telephone number, a sentence to describe the business, and a keyword or two to place the business in a list. The main business and shopping list pages are made up of these directory entries. And they're FREE!

Reasons to get your business on the web

If you wish to have a free "directory" entry for your business!

Simple, low cost advertising pages

These are actually small web sites - they have their own address within the main barrywales website (such as www.barrywales.co.uk/craziedaisies) which you can add to your normal advertising. But unlike normal paper advertising, you are not limited by space - you can have as much or as little information as you like, in full colour, and it will be there for a whole year. These cost a bit more than the free entries - around the same as one credit card sized advertisement in a local paper! How can you afford not to!?

Complex web sites

These are like the simple advertising pages, only there are more of them, so that if you have a more complex business to sell over the internet, you can do so. Additional services can be provided to assist with creating and maintaining this type of site - see the list below for details.


In addition to, or as part of the options listed above, we can also provide the following services...

  • Web site hosting - this is where your site is actually held. We can arrange this for you, normally at little or no extra cost. If you already have internet access you may have webspace available as part of the package, and it may be possible to use that space to hold your website.

  • Domain name registration - this is your web address. They are going fast (the Internet is running out of them, fast!). Your business name may have already gone. If not, we can arrange the name at a very reasonable cost.
  • You also have the option of a "barrywales" domain, such as www.barrywales.co.uk/jbks . This type of domain name is included in the price of the simple or complex web sites.
  • A "barrywales" e-mail address (such as fitz.architect@barrywales.co.uk) forwarding to your own mailbox. For this you will need to have internet access (ie, your own computer) and an existing e-mail account. This option is included in the price of the simple or complex web sites, and may be provided for a fee if you already have a web site and e-mail.
  • Selling on-line can be achieved in a number of ways, depending on how many items you wish to sell. This is not a cheap option (the "shopping cart" software alone starts at around £350) but we will give you a very competitive price! As there are other things that you will need to consider, please contact us for further information.
  • Web links to your existing web site are available at a modest fee.
  • We can maintain your site as required for a modest fee. This may consist of regular updates as your stock changes, or perhaps just an annual revamp.
  • We can submit your site to a selection of search engines.
  • Computer consultancy, training and advice is available to allow you to make better use of your investment. If you haven't understood a word of what you have read, but want to know what the Internet might have to offer you, give us a call!




It is intended that every business in Barry will eventually be listed on this site, although to achieve this I will probably need to adopt a "publish and be damned" approach. This may be necessary as some people either do not understand what is being offered, or just do not want to have anything to do with the Internet!

I'm working up to "publish and be damned" as I would prefer people to take out the FREE entry voluntarily!